Universal Protection Shield - Assembly and Usage Instructions

Contents Available inside the box – Round Shaped Universal Lid, a long Locking Plate, a small pack containing: a thick center bolt, a small Nyloc Nut, and a thin Guide Bolt. 


  • The side on which a big bush has been provided is the outer or top side of the lid (to be facing upwards when attached to the water tank).
  • Uncover the contents of the box and place the universal lid upside down. On the bottom side, you will find a nut, attach the guide bolt to it.
  • Then lift up the universal lid and keep the locking place in the center position. Make sure the central nut space on the universal lid and the nut shaped hole on the locking plate are directly below each other.
  • Now gradually inset the center bolt and move the top of it in a circular motion to tighten it.
  • Once the center bold is fixed partially in the space provided on the locking plate, attach the nyloc nut on the bottom. This will prevent the locking plate from or center bolt from falling inside the water tank.
  • Lastly, place the universal lid on top of the water tank and from above move the center bolt in a circular motion till the lid is fully secured on top of the water tank.